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Would you like to print your book? Contact Us.

We understand the creative effort that goes into writing and we're proud to help you turn your work into high a high quality book. Here are three options for getting started.

Option 1. Talk to our book consultant.

If you'd like personal service and to discuss your project with us you can make an appointment with Jo our Book Consultant. Phone 03 974-2403. Email info@printabook.co.nz

Option 2. See our "Printabook" web site

If you'd like the most economical price for printing from print ready files, can't visit us or live in another part of New Zealand try our online service at www.printabook.co.nz There is a quote request form at the printabook web site.

Option 3. Use our free software to create photo books

We have a unique system that provides you with free design and layout software to make photo books. See www.thejamjar.co.nz

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Our free 75 page book on self publishing and preparing books for printing is now available. Send us an email to request a free copy

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A5 Size Soft Cover

This vibrant example is of an A5 size perfect bound book. Typical of the size and style used for stories, instructional, family and commercial books. Covers are normally printed on 280gsm light card, internal pages can be colour or black and white. The cover of this particular book is not laminated. Finished size is approximately 148mm x 207mm.


A4 Landscape Book

This book was printed on a high quality continuous tone digital machine, the best option because of the many pictures it contains. Covers of these landscape books require printing on 600mm long sheets. The finished size is approx. 210 x 293mm.


SRA5 Gloss Laminated Cover

This 328 page book has both colour and black and white pages. It is printed on a higher quality 100 gsm paper. The cover is laminated and the finished size is approximately 159mm x 223mm.


A4 Size Matte Laminated Cover

This 420 page edition is in a larger format which is suitable when there are lots of pictures, historical documents and maps to be shown on the pages. The cover of this book has been matte laminated. The finished size is approximately 210mm x 293mm.


Traditional Hard Cover Book.

This particular book is A5 size but it can be made in A4 and non standard sizes. Used in this case for a collection of poems and prose of personal importance to a family. Covered in traditional linen or Buckram.


Non-standard size book with hard cover and dust jacket.

We like this book. It is 225mm square and has black and white pictures on high quality paper. A feature of its success is the care and attention given to its design by the author.


Quarter Bound Book

Featuring real leather on the spine and corners with a gold crest and title on the cover this book is hard to beat if you're looking for real craftsmanship. The binding is done by hand so expect a high price.

Your Books Can Be Printed - Now!! Any number you need.

General Information

Proofs and Guarantee

Our book customers are always provided with proof copies and we guarantee that the books in the print run will be up to the same standard in every way as the proofs. With some types of books, such as hard cover case bound ones, it may not always be possible to provide proofs that are exactly the same as the final print run, but we will discuss this with you.

All of our printing is undertaken on the basis that you must be happy with the result or the books can be returned with the option of reprinting or your payment refunded.


We have other options but by far the most common papers that we use for books are;

  • 80 gsm standard paper
  • 100 gsm paper
  • 115gsm picture quality paper
  • 80 gsm Munken Cream paper (older style look)

Laminated covers

Our colour printed covers do have durability of their own without being laminated but for that extra bit of protection and to enhance the look we provide both gloss and matte lamination when required.


Binding Methods

Three common binding methods shown here are, from top to bottom, perfect binding, wire binding and hard cover case binding.

Colour or Black and White Pages

Colour is more expensive than black and white but it can be printed on any page within a book. These no longer need to be grouped together as was sometimes the case in the past. Images that are printed right to the edge a page will cost a little more and in some cases may reduce the dimensions that the book can be finished to.



The term booklet refers to a "book" that has been folded and stapled and not bound with a "square flat" spine. Booklets are cheaper because of the reduced binding cost. They are limited to about 80 pages in size as thicker booklets are difficult to fold. Perfect binding is the better option for thicker books.



Prices for books vary depending on quite a few factors including the type of paper, lamination of the cover, binding, colour pages and the number being printed. We recommend you contact us and once we have the details of what you require we will provide a quotation. www.printabook.co.nz

A Customer Comments

"We have been a customer of Microfilm Digital Print for several years, and have always been very pleased with their standard of workmanship. Whilst formerly we used several printers, we have had by far the best results from this company so that nowadays we refer all of our new work to them" - Robin Mitchell, Partner, Cadsonbury Publications.

Note: Our definition of a page in a book is; the side of a leaf of paper. A leaf has a page on each side, printed or blank. And leaves? They are the sheets of paper in the book.

32 Lodestar Avenue, Wigram, Christchurch 8042, NZ. Phone 03 366 7731, email sales@digitalprint.co.nz